ZCF Hiit is High Intensity Circuit Training for women reinvented. Our training style offers High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training for women of all ages and fitness levels. The fusion of these three training concepts has been proven to be the most effective workout method for women's fat burning and building lean muscle. Get ready for fat burning cardio with weight training, boxing all combined in a high intensity circuit with fun Hip Hop and RNB music! Are you ready to sweat? See you in the Studio at Cromer!

Outdoor Group Training Programs

Reap the benefits of training outdoors with our Outdoor Group Fitness Programs. Not only are they physically and mentally refreshing, but combine the fundamental elements of muscular and cardiovascular endurance to ensure maximum performance throughout your session. What makes you feel more alive than training by a sunrise?

Personal Training

Our Personal Training Programs provide the motivation, support and customised guidance to help you achieve your level 10 life. With individualised programming to accommodate for all client needs, our accredited Coaches will help guide and mentor you with a structured and effective exercise program, to bring about real results.

Life Coaching Programs

Are you looking for a Life Coach to help you to transform your life? We offer Life Coaching Programs to help our clients make changes in every area of there life. Whether it be emotionally, financially, spiritually or physically; we can help you make the changes you need by providing you with all the tools and information in our packages; to help you get from where you are; to where you want to be.

Mums & Bubs

Our Mums & Bubs classes are tailored for mums of all ages and fitness levels! So whether you have a 6 week old bubba to a 1 year old, we can tailor the program to suit you and your desired intensity. Our classes involve strength training while holding your bub, followed by baby-free exercises including boxing, jogging and working with resistance bands. Our program will give you a fresh new outlook for your mind, body and soul! And you will leave our sessions feeling positive, happy and reinvigorated.

Corporate Training Programs

Our Corporate Group Training Packages offer a specific outdoor team building program with Life Coaching & Fitness Challenges that is tailored for busy business men and women who are wanting to improve their overall health and wellbeing. This program will help you and your staff to make your fitness and health a priority as its just so easy to get distracted, unmotivated or simply lose track of time when your working full time. Sadly too many Australians are resulting in obesity from working full time as they are not making their health a priority by being active and are constantly sitting down and not eating healthy.


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