Corporate Training

Corporate Health & Wellness Packages

At Zanna Cox Fitness, we offer Corporate Health & Wellness Packages for companies and their staff who are wanting to improve their overall health and wellbeing with Group Training Sessions, Nutrition Guidance Plans & Life Coaching Sessions.

Our Corporate sessions are run by our Lifestyle Personal Trainers. They are passionate, driven and motivated with one goal in mind: “To help you and your staff be in the best shape and mindset possible”. Our Head Coach Zanna is fully qualified in Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coaching and our Personal Trainer Matilda is fully qualified in Fitness, so we are able to offer you and your staff the best holistic program possible.

Packages we offer:
Corporate Group Training
Outdoor lunch time sessions in the park next to your office
(early morning / evening sessions available depending on time/day) 
Life Coaching Packages
1 on 1 or as a group at a time of day that best suits you and your staff
Health + Wellness Seminars
On all things nutrition, fitness and mindset
Motivational Workshops for your staff
Team building exercises and life coaching workshops

How can we help your company?

Employees get in better shape

Reduce Stress

Increase morale and camaraderie

Improve teamwork and internal communication

Boost productivity

Lower healthcare costs

Increase employee retention rates

Create a “fun working environment”

Reduce absenteeism

Better problem solving and mental agility

Offer a competitive edge inside and outside of the work place with creating an atmosphere of healthy competition


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